Personnel Photography

Studio grade photos at your office

We'll provide you with professional staff photos within a day. We bring a team of two to your office, and set up a temporary photography studio there. All will be taken care of - your employees just need to show up and smile for the camera.

Two photos, edited on the spot

We take as many photos as needed, to get the perfect shot. Everybody gets to choose two of their favorite photos on the screen, immediately after the photos have been taken.

One day delivery

We assist in choosing the best photos to edit. The photos are edited on the spot, at your office. Your whole personnel will have been photographed by the end of the day.

We can photograph up to 80 employees in one day.


Prices do not include VAT.

Setup fee

Portrait photo style is the most widely used in staff photos. Standard setup fee for portrait photos is 200 €.

If you need full body photos or group shots, that means that we need to bring in more (and bigger) studio equipment, which will cost an additional 300 €.

Price per staff member

Price per person is 36 €

Price includes two edited photos of each staff member.

Custom backgrounds

By default, we use white or gray background, which is included in the standard setup fee.

The price of a custom color background is 150 €.